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64 Railway Street, Trayning, Western Australia 6488
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The Shire was first established in 1915 as the Korrellocking Roads Board. This name was changed in 1912 when it was known as the Ninghan Road District between 1912 and 1923. This was followed by a change in 1923 to the Kununoppin – Trayning Road District. 1961 saw Yelbeni included and the name became the Trayning, Kununoppin, Yelbeni Road District. In 1961 it became a shire for the first time and was known as Trayning, Kununoppin, Yelbeni Shire Council. This was considered too long and was shortened in 1965 to what we know today as the Shire of Trayning. The Shire incorporates the three towns of Trayning, Kununoppin and Yelbeni.

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